Senior Wellness

Led by our highly talented Wellness directors, our Sr. Active Independent Living (SAIL) Wellness Program is centered on issues affecting the geriatric population such as balance, posture, fall prevention, flexibility, arthritis, muscle or strength loss, post-rehab and brain health.

Our Sr. Active Independent Living Wellness Program assists patients in improving their quality of life through better cardiovascular function, increased strength, greater flexibility,  better balance, enhanced endurance, intellectual stimulation, healthy options and education programs. Our Senior Wellness Program inspires patients to have fun and be more active, making it easier to perform daily activities, improves health and lowers risk for disease and disability. Our person-centered approach  considers the "whole" person, and is designed to maintain and improve members’ current levels of physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness.

Program Categories

  • Telemedicine - Remote diagnosis and treatment of patients from one site to another through electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.
  • Brain Boost Therapy Games - Brain health is highly important for full quality of life. Our games stimulate the brain, and help to strengthen overall brain health.
  • Arm Chair Yoga - A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair, or standing using a chair for support.
  • Chat With a Friend - Our Medical Assistants and Therapists love to have a conversation with our senior patients. 
  • Life History - Listening, writing, and creating a story of the life of the senior to leave behind for their posterity to read about their amazing life's story.
  • Simple Exercises - Being active is what this program is all about, simple exercises are meant to strengthen muscles and stabilize the body. 
  • Chronic Care Management - Working with patients throughout the month to provide "incident to" conceirge services - and capture reimbursement from CMS for the center.
  • Core Strength - Exercises that increase core strength and stability help to strengthen the lower back and the diaphragm and its ability to stabilize the body during movement.
  • Genetic Receptors Test - Our system includes the initial PGX test (simple swab of the mouth), then produces a report to help the individual understand what the genetic reactors indicate on What to Do (exercise regimen), What to Eat (Food and beverage consumption), and What to Take (genetically preferred supplement program). This follow on program provides the suggested exercise regimen, meal plans with personalized recommendations of serving amounts/types of food/frequency/patterns, and recommended supplements used in conjunction with knowledge of medical history or known vitamin/mineral deficiencies based on the genetic results from our test.

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