DNA Testing and Supplements

Wouldn't it be cool if we could take a look at a map of our own DNA and see exactly what we should EAT for every meal, every day, and bring in the exact amount of macro nutrients into our bodies that we specifically need? 

How great would it be if we could find the specific workout that is perfectly aligned with helping us drop those extra 15 pounds we just can't seem to work off? We're talking about implementing a specific exercise program appropriate for your DNA receptors that will have a significant impact not only on your body composition, but also on your recovery, energy level, and cravings. 
How awesome would it be to know exactly what supplement recommendations to refine your performance and health - and supply your body with the exact amounts of nutrients needed to reach optimal health?

All of that would be pretty amazing - IF there really was such a thing. Guess what? We have it! We capture your DNA sample, and our scientists run your lab diagnostics, then we send you your very own custom report with all of the exact detail to give you your own genetics map. The individualized results provide you with specific plans for what to DO, what EAT, and what to TAKE. 

We also have the Professional Grade SUPPLEMENTS that will help you achieve the Optimal health results that your body and mind need. How many times have you wondered whether or not your vitamins and supplements are actually doing you any good? Our ActivLife Genetics Booster supplement system is medically and scientifically designed to deliver Optimal micro and macro nutrients in the most advanced way possible.

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